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The attorneys at Soble Rowe Krichbaum have served as local  litigation counsel in a number of important cases for clients across the country.  The lawyers at SRK are familiar with both the local Michigan state courts and the regional federal courts in Michigan.  Matthew Krichbaum is also admitted to the EDMI bankruptcy court.  Our local counsel representation includes work for the Recording Industry Association of America, the National Federation for the Blind, the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies, and various plaintiffs in federal PACA litigation.

As local counsel, the attorneys at SRK work regularly with out-of-state attorneys and collaborate on client projects.  To ensure cost-effective results, the SRK attorneys emphasize efficient communication with lead counsel.  In addition, given their extensive complex litigation background, the local counsel at SRK can handle the simplest to the most complex aspects of the client’s case.  This provides great flexibility in the delegation of work between national counsel and local Michigan counsel.

What Our Clients Say

“I highly recommend Matthew Krichbaum as local counsel in Michigan.  We have worked with Matthew on dozens of copyright cases for the major United States record labels, including several hotly contested matters.  Matthew understands federal court litigation.  He is responsive, efficient, sensitive to client concerns and always comes through – even with late night filings and last minute scheduling changes.  We will certainly hire Matthew again and we look forward to working with him.”  – Timothy Reynolds, Holme, Roberts, & Owen LLP

“Matthew has twice been my local counsel on matters in federal court in Detroit.  While he possesses the skills that you would normally expect in local counsel, such as knowing the judges and the informal rules and customs, he also is sensitive to other concerns of lead counsel.  He is up front about knowing when you want the local counsel to be merely a placeholder to comply with the local rules and then he can pivot and become more active when needed.  In one hearing on one of the two matters, the Magistrate, tired of hearing all of the various local and lead counsel make their arguments, looked at Matthew and said “Mr. Krichbaum, I would like to hear what you think about this point.”  In another matter, I needed counsel in Western Michigan and he told me frankly that I needed a Western Michigan lawyer and then made an excellent recommendation for local counsel in that locale.  Finally, if you are an Iowa football fan and the Hawks are playing the Big Blue in Ann Arbor, he may help you get into one of the better tailgating lots — now that’s local counsel service.” 
Craig Stokes, Stokes Law Office, LLP